AOL defaults to Bing, ditches Google after 13 years


Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Bing would become the default search engine for AOL, a company that has partnered with Google for the last 13 years. This brings to memory another recent news story. A while back, Google did not renew their partnership with Firefox, which made Yahoo its default search engine. Soon after, a bunch of people switched their default search engine back to Google.

Do you think this is bad news? Personally, I think Google is making these decisions very consciously. They have become a powerhouse, far eclipsing the success of AOL which, in many ways, helped garner their success through the early 2000s. Heck, "googling" is a generonym for looking something up on the Internet. Using them is a reflex for many. Google is simply finding ways to trim its marketing budget. Do you agree?