Resellers Are Coming to Yahoo!'s Preferred Partner Program


The reactions to this piece of news run the gamut. Yahoo Gemini will be adding resellers to the preferred partner program according to a piece by SEL.

According to the article, ReachLocal "isn't yet selling native advertising on Yahoo as part of the arrangement but that it will be adding both PC and mobile traffic from Yahoo search to its existing paid-search advertising network."

Some opposing viewpoints in the comments section:

Andrew Doyle wrote:
Can't believe it has taken Yahoo! this long to do it. It's perfect. Give someone a nice badge that makes them look more legit and they run around on the ground making your sales pitches for you. Discounts for Partners? No. Just add whatever you want to make on top, thanks.

Dave wrote: have seen the longish term issues that RL customers have had, and their terrible reactions to RL. When it comes to resellers of ads, there have to be, and are some far better "partners". Well, google must like them, because RL sells like crazy, despite the incredible negative customer feedback. I suppose the same will occur on behalf of Yahoo. Go chase the money. Damn everything else. It gives the industry a bad name and sucks the blood out of smbs. There is nothing enlightening or good news about this piece of news.