The Hush Hush Secrets of Successful Directories

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What's your secret plan for global (directory) domination?
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Webwork over at WW is a fantastic poster who never seems to shock and amaze me with his level of wit, intelligence, and humor. There's a couple pretty worthless posts in here, but you'll soon see which ones to ignore, and which one are worth a good close read.

With directories still being a very strong business model for garnering and monetizing natural traffic, this post has some good inspirational suggestions. Makes me really wish I had the skill/money/time to create about a dozen directories. There are so many options for creating revenue from a fairly established directory that this should be one of the things exceptional SEO/webmasters do for quite some time.


Good Thread!

Makes such a change from the 'quick fix' rubbish that is infecting almost every other board out there at the moment. This really is where the wmw strict policies pay off a little.

Im just sooo fed up with "PR3 directory! Links 4 all!" posts all over the forum landscape..

Webwork is somtimes a contentios chap but you cant help liking him eh? he does seem to have learnt how to bring folks out of there shells over at wmw.. some good tips for the long haul in there, thanks!

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