Yandex Cracks Down on Link Sellers

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Russia's largest search engine seems to have finally said "enough is enough"...when it comes to sellers, at least.

Yesterday, Yandex penalized "several hundred web sites" that were selling links. It's interesting to me that they've penalized sellers, but not buyers. But then I'm not very familiar with Yandex or the Russian search marketing scheme - did buyers know what they were buying?

Yandex and Russian search marketing is known for being pretty spammy...maybe this is the first step towards cleaning that up?


<p>Yandex December '13: We're

<p>Yandex December '13: We're no longer looking at links</p>

<p>Yandex April '15: We're looking at links again</p>

<p>Yandex September '15: You better not be selling links</p>

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