Google's Knowledge Graph Says: Don't Quit Your Day Job


A bit of fun for today. From the Twittersphere, Google for "cartoonist" and you'll get a little career advice right away.

I find "knowledge graph gaffes" to be really interesting. Because it's all algorithmic, but it appears right at the top of SERPs...those who aren't in the know seem to think that Google is purposefully pulling answers to put up top. So they react as if it's a statement. I recall one time when the knowledge graph was displaying information from a creationist website for the query "what happened to the dinosaurs". Many took it as a statement of support for creationism. So it calls into question - will, can, and has Google ever manipulated this powerful tool?

Maybe that's a bad question. Maybe it's better to ask "Why does the knowledge graph hold such authoritative power?"

What's your favorite knowledge graph "gaffe"?