The Intersection Of Content Marketing And SEO

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Content marketing and SEO work so well together because they are really about the same two things: giving your people exactly what they want. You need the search engines to help prospects find your content. You also want your content to hook your visitors, so they keep coming back once they find you.

Sounds a little like the chicken and the egg, right? It is. That’s why you need the two working together.


SEO articles and Content MArketing

i agree with you, but dude now a days people are using content spinning technique, i dont think so it will work so long for them. i am 100 % sure they will penalize in few days once Google will change next SEO algorithm. People are buying seo articles even they don't realize that content marketing has more techniques they can share pdfs, slide shows, videos , infographics . with only articles sharing i don't think so they can make their website SEO effective.

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