Google Announces Brotli, An Open Source Compression Algorithm, In a Somewhat Bizarre Blog Post


It means "small bread" in Swiss German :)

According to Google, Brotli is "a whole new data format. This new format allows us to get 20-26% higher compression ratios over Zopfli." In effect, it will speed up page load times. It's supposed to be particularly useful for mobile users.

WebmasterWorld has a discussion going on. Some users there are skeptical. Says one, "The question I now ask about any Google webmaster-facing development is, how is this going to be used in the future to disenfranchise me? Google Analytics - spyware. Structured Data - data Google can use without showing my website. I don't like creating dependencies."

And apparently, according to comments in the Google blog post, there are (or were) "tons of hidden, one-letter links to the GitHub repo and w3c spec" in the text of the post. Asks one user, "Is it some SEO cheating? Is it for Google itself, or to trick other search engines?"