Weighted LInks Rank - An Improvement on the PageRank Algorithm?

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The WLR Algorithm
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SEW member orion presents an algorithm discussed at the 2004 W3C Conference. I found the post very hard to understand not being a mathmatician or an algo geek but randfish responded and put some of it into more everyday terms.

I still dont see how this is any better than PR particularly, but for the algo eggheads it's good stuff by the looks of it...


I think it's an important thread

Unlike temporal link analysis, this 'algo geek' theory has practical applications that may already be in place. I think it's well worth the time to sort out what Orion's talking about, read the paper he points to and think hard about what types of link analysis might be figuring into current and future SE algorithms. Don't forget, when Orion says IR or Information Retrieval, he means a search engine...

already implemented?

I find it hard to believe that this research is not (at least in some form) already incorporated into Google's algorithm. Isn't "block analysis" where they divide the page up into "content" and "navigation/ads/footer" - weighting links within the content much more heavily?

Yahoo Search, on the other hand...

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