Manual Link Building is Here to Stay - But Automation is On the Way Out


Just because something can be automated doesn't necessarily mean that it should be. Eric Ward has a piece up on SEL where he takes a stand against "a much larger movement that seems to be permeating the SEO community. That movement is based on the belief that doing anything one at a time, or "manually" is a waste of time, because the sheer mass of the web and link graph makes it impossible to impact it without resorting to automated or mass tactics."

The issue, as Ward presents it, is that automated link building will never get links on some very valuable pages. Anyone with experience reading those emails can tell what's automated and what's not. And even a 3% success rate - is that worth missing out on the precision and power that a human hand lends to a well crafted email?

"Automating outreach is just reckless, and frankly, sad," Ward says. What do you think?