Google introduces RankHeart to balance out RankBrain Algorithm

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Google introduces RankHeart to balance out RankBrain Algorithm

"Earlier this week Google shocked the SEO community with the introduction of Rankbrain – their artificial intelligence machine learning algorithm that (depending on which SEO expert you ask) is responsible for either understanding query language, ranking search results, penalizing your site, rewarding large brands, using your analytics data as a ranking factor, or making Google easier to spam.

Despite being live for several weeks, the announcement was met with much criticism...

Introducing RankHeart

To combat all the criticism of RankBrain, Google announced today on Google+ (which may explain why no other blogs are talking about this) that they’re going to release an algorithm to add some balance to RankBrain. This new algorithm will be called RankHeart.

While RankBrain uses machine learning, data and logic to improve search results, RankHeart will use more sentimental and empathetical signals."




The prospect of RankCourage

The prospect of RankCourage next frightens me

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