Yahoo! Search Index = 20 Billion Documents

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Our Blog is Growing Up – And So Has Our Index
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Although downplaying it for all he's worth, Tim Mayer tells us that the Yahoo! Search Index is Now at 20 Billion and includes "just over 19.2 billion web documents, 1.6 billion images, and over 50 million audio and video files".

Size isn't everything, and he makes a point of that in the post.

Chalene Li echoes this

Does size really matter? I think the biggest impact of the index size increase will be marketing for Yahoo! – at least until Google comes out with a similar announcement (which I expect in the next day or so at SES -- there’s too much ego at Google to let Yahoo! stand for long as having the “biggest” index.) Even if Google does come out with a large index size, Yahoo! is making a clear stand that it is willing and ready to take on Google at the core of search – the index size. Unfortunately, in a world where consumer attention is focused on simple-to-digest numbers, search leadership seemingly comes down to who has the biggest index. And nothing could be further from the truth.

So, any bets on when GOOG will announce a 40 billion index?



My perception is that the Google index includes defunct URLs and other out-of-date page document information. Has Yahoo! done the same?

Posted by mat

already. Oh my, you're so big! Burn oil, lay down smoke.

Having been camping out with the 'what the hell did Y! just do?' troupe for a while, I thought this WmW thread a fun little read. Nothing new under the sun, but the Y! long-lasting-handjobs observations are interesting.

Enough crap British seaside innuendo for you, madam?

[Edited to add]

... and here is a post yesterday from Tim on their search blog.

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