'Borrowing' your neighbor's WiFi Again?

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Borrowing your neighbor's WiFi Again?
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CNN Money looks at the growing problem of overlapping WIFI nets and folks getting broadband for free

Most new computers are equipped for wireless Internet access, and more and more people opting for Wi-Fi in their homes. But as the networks become stronger and more prevalent, more of those signals are available outside the home of the subscriber, spilling over into neighbor's apartments, hallways and the street.


In some cases people that

In some cases people that unsuccessfully tried to secure their wifi were held liable for what people did on it. Since they demonstrated that they were aware of the danger of an open connection by trying to fix the problem.


i guess this goes back to the philosophy of 'is it considered breaking & entering if the door isn't locked' ?

Well, this would be

This would be interesting, then, where someone was arrested:

"The charge, unauthorized access to a computer network, applies to all varieties of computer network breaches, and gives prosecutors considerable leeway depending on the severity. It carries a potential sentence ranging from probation to 5 years in prison."

Man charged with wireless trespassing

All for -- what? -- saving a few dollars a month?

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