Murdoch Wants a Slice of Search

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News Corp. Seeks Search Engine Investment
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First Diller with ASK, now we have News Corp's Murdoch wanting a slice of the Search Pie. With huge media interest like this, what will the Search landscape look like in 5yrs eh?

News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said Wednesday that his company is looking to invest in an Internet search engine as it presses ahead with an aggressive plan to raise its online profile

There really aren't any more details, but the fact that old Rupert wants in, is somewhat indicative of the future of Search, and for better or worse, the techies will most likely be way outnumbered in a few years...

Thanks Dan!


Oh goody...

Jeez Rupert, you're late for the party and all the pretty girls are taken. I think there's a guy in a dress with tissue paper in his bra around here somewhere.

LOL, guy in a dress

....exactly right. Although the big media guys (and M$) don't realise yet, search is not an area where you can just buy your way in, exactly. There is only a limited amount of serious, world beating talent available, and Google and Yahoo between them employ most of it.

MSN and AJ / Teoma have a scattering of stars too, but who the hell is left after that? OK, you can hire away, but how much do you think you are going to have to offer a guy sat on tens of millions of dollars worth of Google share options? Even Rupert might choke on that cheque. It's not just the talent question either, today an effective SE needs a LOAD of data, stretching back over time. IT's one of MSN biggest problems at the moment. Of course, by definition their data will improve over time, but every month that passes represents a BIG opportunity cost.

Possibly he could buy, as Mr Diller did, but who from? Larry and Sergei? Doubt it. Buy Yahoo? Not when cracks are starting to show in the Google facade, they have to be smelling the first traces of blood in the water. Billy G? LOL, he's actually richer than Rupert, isn't he?

Possibly Barry D would give it up for a big enough premium. The Expedia spin off may represent the start of a concious attempt to package IAC as an online/offline media company, watch to see if any other of the non-media business units get sold off.

Reminds me of NBCi, they are

Reminds me of NBCi, they are late to the game too, but I think old media is right to be attracted to new media and search. Old media has to begin to understand the Internet marketplace and the only way to do that is to play the game. But they need to be smart with their money and not spend it like a drunken sailor.

Looking at the big picture - old media getting into the search engine game is one way to help break the Google lock on market share - if they are smart about it.

Looksmart, anyone?

A bit of tissue stuffed here and there but if you squint after a couple cocktails, Wisenut actually begins to resemble a search engine. If you close your eyes altogether you're 100% of the way there.

After what

Rupert Murdoch did to cable news in the US I truly fear this guy comming into search.

If there is a sleazy or lowdown way to exploit the search business, that has not been discovered yet, I am sure this guy and his cronies will find it.

Dear Rupert,

I've been watching your acquisitions and, truthfully, I see a glimmer of hope in there but you are also paying top dollar for a lot of horseshit wrapped in cellophane.

Come to Edinburgh, you're invited.


Personally, i hope a)

Personally, i hope

a) Diller pulls his finger out and DOES something with ASK

b) Murdoch jumps in with both feet

It's time this dance floor had some blood on it.


Wisenut actually begins to resemble a search engine.

I wasn't thinking about Wisenut, but from the outside it would look good. Actually it can produce very good results if they would keep it updated and fresh.

The two I was thinking about were Gigablast and Exalead.

FoxSearch --the radically conservative search engine

"You searched for Democrat did you mean dumbass?"

Might work. Could go viral.


Bloomberg Asia

Firstly, he doesn't seem to have that much (relatively speaking) dosh to play with:

News Corp. has budgeted as much as $2 billion to acquire Internet assets, Murdoch said. So far this year, the company has spent more than $700 million investing in Web companies, he said.

Secondly, it appears (as if the $$ indication weren't enough) that he's not really thinking (at all) big time on this:

News Corp.'s plans a site featuring a search engine and links to Web pages focusing on News Corp.'s movie, television and sports businesses, Murdoch said

Oh well, so much for that...

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