Rumour: Adsense Give More $$$'s to Publishers Since YPN?

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Google Adsense torpedoes Yahoo Publisher Network with a 15% better split?!?
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Jason thinks Google Adsense may have given publishers a boost on the ad revenue split since the launch of Yahoo's YPN competitor

I can tell you we did see an up tick the last two days. I can’t get into exact details because of Adsense TOS.


This is not scientific, but it looks like a 10-15% boost when I take out the added clicks

Anyone else see an uptick in revenue this last week or so?


You would be out of your mind.. draw any conclusions from 2 days worth of info on AdSense.

I have a fairly large base and it always shows violent movements both over a few days and over longer cycles.

I couldn't dicern much

I couldn't dicern much either, though it has been about a week hasn't it?

Statistically would not see a 10 to 15% upturn on your 2 year CPC graph of AdSense earnings, the thing is too volatile over time.

I have various long term cycles of CPC, which I would find difficult to assign to any one factor.

To try to say this last few days is due to Google giving the publisher more is just barmy, there is no evidence that there is an upturn to start with, and even if it were an upoturn how on earth does one know why, could well be advertisers paying more

Wait one cotton picking minute... hehe

Google implemented a change last week in the way the top paying ads are shown, as well as showing larger ads, which would explain the increase, right?

Adsense has no love for me

One of my best Adsense sites saw a sudden drop in EPC beginning Aug 5. Overnight I received a 50% drop and it has stayed that way. Adword bids for the terms of the site have not dropped.



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