For a Variety of Reasons, Google Will Not Train SEOs Any Time Soon


Eric Enge, Mark Traphagen, and Gary Illyes had a hangout recently.

The SEM Post has been covering some of the Q&A. Illyes was asked whether there would ever be a "certified SEO professional program," sort of like an AdWords certification.

He replied that while they've thought "a lot about this, a lot and then a bit more..." there won't be a program any time soon. The reasons he gave were that it wouldn't be scaleable to train all the SEOs out there, that training would cost money, and that the money would have to come from somewhere - namely SEOs. Well, his actual quote was "Search doesn't ask for money for anything, there is already a conflict there," which he clarified on Twitter to mean that SEOs "don't actually pay Google anything to be in the search results."

I agree with Jennifer Slegg that liability would also probably be a big issue. She writes, "Just because someone passes an SEO certification exam doesn't mean that they will follow those rules when it comes to SEO on a client site...And if this happens, you would bet those upset clients would try and go after Google to 'fix' the mess since the SEO was certified by Google."

So, sorry folks. Seems like, once again, a few apples have spoiled the whole bunch. No training and certification coming any time soon. Tools and tips will probably continue though.