Wired on the Google vs Reporters Debacle

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Google's Boycott Misses the Mark
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Adam Penenberg, though a bit late on the whole Google vs Cnet stupidity does a fine job of outlining the key points, and places the blame, and onus to reconcile firmly on Google's shoulders.

The question is how could a company like Google, which has become the toast of Wall Street, have such tone-deaf public relations?


The real loser is Google. Of the 300 or stories that News.com runs each week, Google is bound to be the subject of at least a few -- and each time, in the "interests of transparency," as Singh put it, News.com will include its "Google won't talk to our reporters" caveat. Not only that, but Slashdot and blogs -- both harbingers of memes, taste and trends -- have been abuzz over the issue.

And after a very small concession Google's way, he goes on to sum up with

The result is Google has a pressing PR problem. The privacy issue is not going to go away, and as much as Google representatives would like us to believe the company would never do anything "evil" -- trust us, they say-- that's simply not good enough.

We've talked and talked about the shift in public perception of Google over the last year or so, but this whole story, and more the to point, it's rippling consequences and continued reporting, does more damage to Google than Autolink could ever do on it's own.

He does a nice job of rounding up the mainstream press reactions aswell, there's a been a great deal of exposure on this public temper tantrum.


Story on NPR

Boing Boing reports that the story have been on NPR.

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