October 2015 saw record high content generation, record low engagement

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October 2015 was a record-breaking month for content creation with the average brand generating 87.5 posts per social media channel. However, that month also broke the record for the lowest number of interactions per post: a dismal 2.19 per 1000 followers.

It seems that the more content brands market, the less likely users are to to interact. This is known as the Content Marketing Paradox. Great content will forever remain a staple of Internet Marketing, but oversaturation is clearly a variable, leading people to scroll right past a brand's posts or even mute them.

Have you been able to find a sweet spot? How much do you create a share every month?



Thank you so much for bringing up this topic. I was wondering why everybody is being so sceptical about content writing companies. They are mostly professional and reliable, so there is no point in thinking much before getting help from one. 

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