How to Make Your WordPress Site Google AMP Compatible


"We just got word that Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project is live. That means that if your website can serve up Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) versions of your content then you will probably see more traffic from mobile. Google will be encouraged to show your site more often in the mobile search results. So, how do you make your WordPress site compatible? Well, luckily there’s a WordPress Plugin for that! Here’s how to make your WordPress Site Google AMP compatible."



I really appreciate the author for posting such an useful information. I have discussed the same with web development services and they gave me some great advises. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have gone this far.

A very useful piece of

A very useful piece of information for everyone running a website. The new online store that I am trying to launch soon is based on the Packaging theme from, and since Google’s AMP promise is to make your pages load instantly on mobile devices, I want to make my site fully compatible with it. It would fix the remaining problem with my website's mobile visitors.

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