Google Analytics Filters Referral Spam from Reports Automatically Now


Referral spam has been a pesky little problem for people who like to compile accurate reports with Google Analytics. And it's been a problem for a long time. Now, however, Google Analytics appears to be filtering out referral spam in reporting.

According to a story by The SEM Post, the change is not retroactive so you'll still see referral spam in reports from January 2016 back. But from February 2016 going forward, you should be referral spam free. Mind you, this is just in reporting - referral spam will still show up in the real time view.

"This means that for the month of February, site owners will be able to analyze their logs without all the referral spam skewing the data. But it could also seem that traffic dropped once the referral spam is gone...but since this is not real traffic, it isn't a true loss."