Forecasting the Impact of Local Business Cards


There's a new feature Google is experimenting with that will allow local businesses to post images right into SERPs. A piece in SEL indicates that it could give some local businesses total dominance in SERPs.

The posts look quite attractive. Basically, underneath or as part of your listing, some images of your store (or whatever you put there) will appear. Andrew Shotland writes that this development, if it gains steam, will probably be bad news for local directories, e-commerce sites, service area businesses, "content sites," and local businesses who fail to take advantage of it.

But it will probably bring in some money for agencies - "Agencies will be the biggest beneficiaries. As we have seen with Google My Business, adoption of a service that pumps your data directly into Google's SERPs is actually easy for a huge number of businesses to ignore and is driving a huge growth in the Local SEO services industry."