Quiet out there isn't it?

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It's been an odd few days here in the W household. After 8mts of pretty consistent waking once an hour to feed, Robyn has been having a crash course in "how it should be done".

Ivana has been sleeping downstairs, and i've been on baby duty. Im pleased to say, it's been a roaring success. The first night (thurs) she took an hour to get off (i am NOT carrying her around the room rocking her to sleep dammit) and woke every 2.5hrs and took 10mins to 30mins to settle.

The last two nights though, she's totally got the idea of going to sleep in her cot, and has slept the whole night through! both nights :) happy days...

The summer is shit
Summer has become a joke in Denmark, no more sitting in the garden for me, it's been storming for weeks now, and im thoroughly fed up with the whole damn thing. It has made me work harder on getting some other sites done though which is no bad thing.

Today im doing NOTHING - not a damn thing, im too knackered, but tomorrow it's gardening, come rain wind or shine...

So, what have/will you be up to?

Come on, bore us all to tears with your news, it's pretty dull out there in netland this weekend :)


Actually, women are no good

>>Im pleased to say, it's been a roaring success

Congrats. Actually, comparatively speaking, women are no good at stuff like getting kids to sleep.
::running to hide:: :-)

With my first one (kid, not woman) a low humming seemed to work and my Solution could always put him to sleep in 60 seconds (it used to take the wife hours). And, when it came to having him sleep through the night I waited till she gave up after months of "controlled crying" and I sorted him out within a week. (What's with that controlled crying nonsense anyway? It only associates bedtime with stress. How come 60 million baby experts haven't figured that out yet?)

With my second one I developed a new and improved version, Solution 2.0. It involved a tape recorder. Wow, imagine what I could do if I had tits!

The low humming thing is backed by science.

Sorry, no link :-) Trust me on this.

that's right

we're terrible at it. Also changing nappies, midnight feeds, mowing the lawn, clearing the gutters, cleaning windows, hoovering, visiting your mothers, ministering to sick husbands/boyfriends and bringing beer on demand.

I think you should stop letting us doing those things before something goes terribly wrong :)

>The summer is shit

Not here mate, been 39 just lately. Blue sky...

Sea temp is 22/24.

Great for snorkelling. Wouldn't want to be changing nappies in this heat for sure.

Hope the long sleeps continue...

Sebastian is somewhat calming down...

Our "puppy" (all 71 pounds of him) is finally realizing he has a permanent home with us. He's a Belgian Tervuren. (I'd never heard of it either, I thought he was a German Shepherd.) Great dog though. Extremely intelligent, but he likes to chase cats. He needs to get over that as we have 4 cats he will have to live with. Bless the person who invented the baby gate.

He looks GREAT! Have you

He looks GREAT!

Have you tried having one person hold him, another hold a cat and let them "meet"?

grnidone, he's

He's beautiful. Must be a handful with the cats.

Catfish Tournament here

Offered up my boat for the 3rd place team, whose boat is broken.

I'm living vicariously though the tourny tomorrow!

Too Freakin' Hot Around Here

I think we're having a drought. Haven't had rain in over a month and it is so hot. Yup, 90+ (farenheit). I was lying in the pool today on a raft and said to my brother, "Geez, it's hot out." Then realized all I had to do was splash myself for coolness.

Maybe I'm a bit spoiled.

But it is damn hot in Cicny, Ohio! And, the grass looks like shit around here...all brown, but haven't had to weed whack in a couple of weeks.

No politics, but Belgian dogs are cooler

Grnidone, I've lived near Tervuren in Belgium. I can imagine they have their own "brand" of shepherd, just as there's a more famous Malinois one (from Mechelen).

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