A9 Release Maps, Again?

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Ok, so the Search blogs are buzzing with the "release" of A9 Maps this morning. But hold on a minute dammit, didn't we do this back in june?

What's changed?


The change is quite good

The change is quite good actually. It incorporates street / block level photographs as you look around the map.

Obviously not yet the whole US, but in cities that they have photographed it works and works well.

On a personal level I have a lot of interest in this technology and want to "doff my cap" to the Amazon team on doing it. I know it is damn hard work to accomplish but then again Blighty isn't so angular in it's street composition

>block level maps they had

>block level maps

they had that in june though...

I guess it's just more cities..

Smells like Second PR Blitz

I can't see any difference, *maybe* new cities...


(I think DC was pictured and mapped from the very beginning at June so it might just be a reinforcement of the first "campaign").

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