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Google Registers "Movie" Related Domains
Story Text: and have just been registered by Google and Gary (who else?) offers some speculation as to what those purchases may portend.

Are standalone movie info sites being built to go head-to-head with AOL's Moviefone? Will Google partner with other services or begin their own ticket service? What about Yahoo? Might online ticketing be another revenue stream for G? Will Google eventually go up against IAC's Ticketmaster for a piece of the lucrative online ticketing market? When will Gogle and Yahoo begin placing local advertising on movie showtimes results pages? Ads for local resturants, bars, etc. would sure seem to make sense.

One can only guess, but in light of recent stories about revenue streams and investor fears, it wouldn't seem a bad route to take.


The myths march on

Google registers a domain and its lights out for entire industries. Google has zero discipline in customer service, 6 figure adword clients go begging but they'll take out AOL, ticketmaster, local advertising ...all in one fell swoop!

Comic books have more believable stories.

Did you know that you can call AOL toll free with your weenie dial up (a whopping 20 bucks a month) issue and someone will kiss your booty? Sound like a google thing?

Is it booty or bootie?

Are they doing this? That?

Are they doing this? That? This again?

hmmm, maybe they are just registering these domains so they don't have to fight with someone else who purchases them? I don't think google are buying these domains and many others posted recently in hopes to market a service where people type in or

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