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No prizes for guessing who Dave Naylor is talking about when he talks about one well known commercial blogger displaying 6 ad units (the TOS states 3 max) for adsense, boasting at SES about earning nearly $1M a year from it, and telling everyone that Google hand edit results for his keywords because he's such a big Adsense customer.

The guy was bragging at SES about the fact he is so close to making 1 million in adsense a year .. he also said that Google hand edit the serps so that his Blogs, all 80 of them, rank ~1 for his keyword terms BECAUSE HE IS SUCH A BIG PUBLISHER .. He also said that seo was dead yer tosser.. btw I have screen shot to prove it

Oh Jason, is there any need to be such an enormous wanker?


He is not getting much of a deal..

..that is (on the basis of $1 million and 80 blogs) only $12,500 per blog per year. So those "hand picked" results are not delivering much traffic

I have never been able to understand why he is used as a role model. Well only in as much as he has got the bloggers working for him - so I guess he can make money. The individual bloggers certainly don't.

The blogger gets half, and he gets half.

I understand even less why bloggers themselves sign up and only get half that from him! $6500 a year aint much for a years blogging. Well I wouldn't do it for tyhat anyway!

so close to making 1 million in adsense a year

I think that's taking and not making.

I don't understand the bragging. If he was at roadshow with his 80 sites at that sort of total take he would be the one standing in the corner, facing the wall, with a pointy hat on with a great big D on it.

Google need to drop him, if you throw a guy a few "favours" he needs to be able to keep his trap shut.

Does seem odd

If forums such as WMW are to be believed with the fedex/ups/dhl/whatever club figures thrown around ($10k/£5k a month?) .. he seems to be not all that successful ..

If forums such as WMW are to be believed

They are the greatest source of humour since Monty Python

I'm assuming that this is

I'm assuming that this is gross revenue (not really interested enough to find out) and I try never to be impressed by gross revenue. Anyone can whip up a million dollars in gross revenue by selling $10 for $1.


As NFFC can attest (we used to go around about this fairly often), I'd put away the keyboard rather than have ONE employee.

OK, here are the facts...

1. I never said that Google gives us better placement because we run Google Adsense. This doesn’t make sense anyway, since we, in fact, don’t run Google Adsense on every page and we’re starting a Yahoo Publisher Network. I have no idea how Google indexes pages and we spend no time on SEO–---ZERO! We just try to make the best, unfiltered content we can and we try to do it consistantly. I think the mix up is that I said that there are reports that Google has humans kicking out the bad-SEO type folks (link farms, blog spammers) and that by getting rid of the spammers they are giving the "good" people a boost in the ratings (i.e. if there are 30-70 spammers in the top 100 results for a phone or a car model that kills the non-spammers... when those folks leave the good folks pop). Everyone knows that Adsense folks are not even allowed into the building with the search folks... it's church and state at Google.

2. In relation to the number of Google Adsense ads we are running on each page I can only say this “If you would like information on Google running on our sites please contact their press department.” I can assure you we are not violating any terms with them.

best jason

I find it hysterical that you still refuse to link to TW, even though you comment here regularly.

Adrants has you nailed IMO

ack go on

someone contact Googles PR office and ask - just for a laugh....

meanwhile I'd like to congratulate DaveN on single handedly corrupting Larry and Sergey. Impressive job. Can't wait to see what type of comment spamming content thieving sites they start churning out in the next couple of weeks....

sheesh, c'mon already

what's a guy got to do to get a little link love? It's not like TW has 'cooties' or something.

I wonder if mentioning you were thinking of trying Yahoo's program got you a 'special deal'

Horse Shit.

I never said that Google gives us better placement because we run Google Adsense ..

Jason i was sat in the second row !! ... what do you think you said ??


added for a moment i was going to let it drop.

want to talk about autogen stuff yet ??


I was also in the room

And I heard the same thing. And I also heard Marshal explain to you how making $2300.00 per day across 80 sites isn't really something to brag about. Hell, crappy ass scraper sites generate more than $30.00 a day.

Maybe you should change your business model.....

"Maybe you should change your business model.."

I don't think that there is anything wrong with Jason's business model. He is taking 50% of the $2300 a day plus a cut of other ads on the blogs.

Its the individual blogs that have a problem. The daft bloggers are beavering away for a pittance, all Jason has to do is sign up more and more bloggers and they work away for him. A fine business model.

The flaw in his business model is more that there appears to be a drop off in the number of bloggers daft enough to sign away half their (albeit small)individual earnings. The number of new blogs in the last 6 months is quite small, so the empire is not exactltly snowballing.

I would guess that Jason is keen right now to raise the PR profile of his system to get more recruits.

(and if you lok at the balance of the individual blogs, there are a few large ones, so many of the others must really be earning peanuts)

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