URLs and Photos No Longer Count Towards the Character Limit on Twitter


A few months ago, Twitter was talking about pushing its character limit out to 10,000+. There was a huge debate over how essential the character limit is to the essence of Twitter. On Twitter itself, users seemed to agree - without a character limit, Twitter would be just another kind of Facebook.

But Twitter never gave up on trying to find ways to expand the character limit. The SEM Post reports that they've settled on removing URLs and photos from the character count. That will provide users with a dozen extra characters and allow them to share more. Seems like a nice compromise to me - the issue that many folks took with the proposed 10,000+ expansion is that it would make Tweets look like blog posts. I doubt that this extension will have a major negative impact on the way Twitter looks - but it might have a positive impact on how it feels.

What do you think?