Cop out by London cops

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BBC News, shot man was not even running
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As new facts emerge about the London shooting it's interesting to revisit our previous thread on the issue:

Guys, here's a masterclass in handling PR.

Facts as known to the cops on the day:
1. Man comes out of block of flats. Only association with bombers is that he lives nearby.
2. Cops screw up and shoot him with no intelligence whatsoever and no reasonable cause to suspect he is anything other than a normal member of the public
3. Oh shit! What do we do now?

This is how the story developed/was allowed to develop (without being contradicted by the cops)/possibly even "leaked" by the cops themselves:

We had intelligence to suspect he was involved with the bomb plots. He jumped over a ticket barrier. He ran from cops shouting at him to stop. He was apprehended and we had to shoot as we had intelligence to suggest he was a suicide bomber and had bombs on his person.
Result: Big rush of public support for cops... what's a cop to do... tough decisions... suspect shouldn't have run.... better safe than sorry... why was he dressed for winter.... Even some otherwise clued-up webmasters fall for the BS

Wait till the story has died down a bit then disclose part of your screw up: Suspect was Brazilian and not involved with terrorists. Apologise profusely.
Result: Public shocked but still supportive as the suspect shouldn't have jumped over the ticket barrier, shouldn't have run when asked to stop, shouldn't have been wearing a long padded coat....

Wait a bit longer. Don't disclose any more of the facts. Use the handy excuse that the PPC is conducting an enquiry. Wait till public has lost interest and moved on to other stuff. Let the results of the enquiry disclose the rest of the facts. The enquiry results can be coincided with some other big news and everybody'll forget about the major cock-up.

Apart from the PR lesson hope some of you guys get the message that the cops aren't infallible. In fact, it's looking like they're downright crooked when it comes to covering up their incompetence. Criminally so.


Thanks for the link and the

Thanks for the link and the story Yes, i think we'll leave discussion of this to off TW though - we had quite a lot (if not all) of the arguments in the previous thread.


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