SEO Black Hat: Today's lesson is Link Dumping...

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Black hat publishes next "lesson"
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The guy over at SEO Black Hat has published a brief overview on the topic of link dumping. He's planning to discuss link dumping automation in the near future...

In my future posts, I’ll go into automating and semi automating the link dumping process as well as clever ways of making these links undetectable to the site owners.

Maybe we'll see an "SEO Black Hat Book" to rival(?) Aaron's SEO Book in the future...


Is it just me, or is that

Is it just me, or is that post a load of old bollocks?


i think if you wanted to spam a load of blogs/guestbooks/forums then he's given you the general gist if things. It's no way a detailed "how-to", but on the other hand i don't think he's marketing it as that. Referring to my point about the book, i bet if he made a decent sized "black hat book" people would buy it. Aaron has said before that the first versions of the seo book were poop and look what it's grown into. Although, i'm quite sure that Aaron's knowledge is far greater than the black hat guy...

it's just you.

old doesn't mean it doesn't work. I take that site as a beginners guide and for that it seems like an ok post to me.

"Make a spreadsheet"??!?!!?

... of GuestBooks?

Looks like he wants to tie blackhatters up in trivia and timewasting exercises.

Probably a white hat in disguise. Nots0 bright, really ;-)

>>beginners guide and for

>>beginners guide and for that it seems like an ok post to me.

Fair enough...


Didn't the SEO value of signing guestbooks vanish about 4 years ago?




...anybody besides me find this thread -- as a whole -- hilarious? I mean, "link dumping" for chrissake..

Now that's marketing. Just look how he's semi-automated his own link acquisition just by doing the good old "type the hype". It's as whitehat as CNN TV *LOL*

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