Adblockers: Prevalence and Popularity


How often do Adblockers come up in casual conversation? That's the subject of this WebmasterWorld thread. Although users over there seem to never hear about Adblockers, they come up a lot in my own circle of friends. Though everyone agrees that people mostly talk about them online - "I wouldn't know what people talk about at their work obviously. IMO it would be a bit abstract to discuss adblockers anywhere but online to reference the application itself," keyplyr writes.

Last year, an article in the New York Times suggested that almost 20% of Americans use an adblocker. "Almost 200 million people worldwide now regularly use ad-blocking software [a] report said. About 45 million of them are in the United States...The figures are even higher in Europe, where 77 million people use versions of the software. In Poland, more than a third of people regularly block online ads."

The techier that a niche is, the more likely an adblocker is being used - "Gaming, social network and other tech-related websites were most affected by ad-blocking software..."

Even if people aren't talking about it around the water cooler, they're using it!