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Further to all the rumours from yesterday and this morning, the Google Desktop Sidebar is now available for download. It looks rather neat, but these things just scare the crap out of me...

Thanks to Rich Cookson for the tip, you can see Jason talking about the FT coverage, the Guardians piece and Gary Price on this second generation DTS

I kinda like the swirly favicon...


I just downloaded this.

I just downloaded this.

Bearing in mind of course that im not your average internet user. I thought it was an over stuffed useless gadget box.


Did it

slow your system?

I am seeing reports that at 24mb it might be a little much for most systems.

Crash and Crash

Crashed twice. Threw up an error message. Uninstalled. I would have uninstalled it anyway as it starts out by "assimilating data". ;) It managed 5% assimiliation before it crashed.

>>starts out It also starts

>>starts out

It also starts out by contacting Google at least 3 if not 4 times before you even get to the "do you want advanced features" bit...


No idea - It's almost a clean install on that machine - i only really use it for listening to the radio hehe..


"You will be assimilated"

Desktop Sidebar

For those who are having trouble with the new Google desktop and want the sidebar features, check out Desktop Sidebar.

P.S. I have not downloaded it yet. Just found out about it recently in Maximum PC.


Borg technology scares me too...

Although we do still keep one machine with the good ol' G toolbar installed - it sits in a small dark room in Kamchatka, is controlled remotely outside of the Web, and runs through paired anon proxy servers that randomly rotate every 90 seconds. ;-)


Hey, what was that???

I like it overall, but don't find all the sidebar stuff useful

I installed it, played with it, reviewed it.

I've since removed many of the sidebar components (easy to do from preferences), and do find the remaining ones either useful or fun.

I think X1 is better for pure search aficianados (given the broader display via find-as-you-type and field-narrowing capabilities), but for the average consumer, I think GD2 is quite good. It hasn't slowed down my system at all in indexing or otherwise (disclaimer: I have a pretty screaming box), and I find its file / e-mail search capabilities to be a very close 2nd behind X1.

no NOD32 support yet

They don't like my AV soft yet...I almost installed it ;-)

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