AMP is Awesome, but Doesn't Cause a Rankings Boost!

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Google is just ALL about AMP lately. And the rumor mill always seems to posit that what Google likes, it gives a SERPs boost to. But in this case, there is no ranking boost associated with AMP in search results. So hold your horses and cool down!

John Mueller confirmed on Twitter that "there's currently no ranking difference for AMP URLs," and it was confirmed elsewhere that there's no punishment for not using AMP. Also, "If a site only has AMP as their mobile version of the site, then the AMP version of the page would get a boost, but it is still only the regular mobile friendly boost that any mobile friendly page gets, and nothing specifically for AMP."

Of course, there are plenty of other great reasons to use AMP pages - an improved user experience being among them!


Agree - but it will give you more visibility

Agree but it seems that Google is giving AMP content more exposure in the SERPs. So no, it won't necessarily rank higher but may drive higher volumes of traffic. What will be interesting is to see how Google deals with fast loading pages not using the AMP framework. It might be a little unfair to push AMP as the only solution to performance when many enterprise websites have an active performance program already.  

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