Bing modifies its handling of Right to be Forgotten requests


The Right to be Forgotten saga is one of the more interesting stories surrounding Google (for me anyway, since I was the oldest sibling this is how I watch big brothers fight).

We often forget that RTBF affects other search engines as well. Consider Bing: So far they had blocked requests from France in and requests from the UK in, but the requested removals could still be found in different versions of the Bing platform.

Thus, someone could find the undesirable information simply by changing the TLD in their browser bar.

Bing is now rolling out a change that will block a requested removal from all versions of its platform. On their blog, Bing has said they will be leveraging location signals to accomplish this, meaning results will be filtered based on the country of the searcher's IP rather than the version of Bing being used.

While more mature technologically, there are still workarounds to find this information. Is Bing doing enough? Is too much expected of the search engines in helping people escape their past mistakes?

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