Tacoda Launches Behaviorally Targeted Ad Network

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Tacoda's AudienceMatch Network Launches
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Tacoda.com launches AudienceMatch - a behaviorally targetted ad network - expansion of the program to follow.

Tacoda finally launched its behaviorally-targeted ad network, providing wide reach initially through more than 60 sites for categories of people exhibiting certain types of advertiser-desired behaviors. The AudienceMatch service reportedly avoids collecting any personally-identifiable information, which Tacoda CEO Dave Morgan says he hopes will prevent any brouhaha over privacy issues.

Clickz also just ran this story on Tacoda's launch of AudienceMatch (AMN)

Ads served through AMN can target users anywhere on participating sites, making it possible for publishers to charge higher rates for run-of-site positions. Ads are sold in a self-serve auction market, modeled after paid search. Revenues are split between Tacoda and participating sites, taking into account factors such as who sold the ad, where it runs, and which audience segments it targets

More here thanks to John



Charlene Li has some thoughts on behavioural targeting:

In the future, marketers will announce that they want to reach a certain segment – let’s say, women in-market for a car – and are willing to pay $25 per qualified lead. The onus now falls to the publisher to deliver that audience to the marketer. Publishers will be able to see what the “bids” are within the system for a particular user profile and optimize their ad serving to maximize revenue per page.

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