Is Google Using Your Visitor Data Against You?


Here's a topic that comes up every now and then - are products like Google Analytics and Chrome really useful, or are they just sabotaging you from the inside? Users on WebmasterWorld are getting very passionate about the subject.

How did the topic come up? Well, because of zombie traffic of course! Zombie traffic is one of the biggest drivers of discussion I've seen all year. It's a big problem and people can't stop talking about it and speculating in every imaginable direction.

User samwest writes that "During the usual zombie talk...a few members who were long time lurkers popped their heads up and started suggesting that everyone with zombie traffic try removing Google Analytics tracking code and removing Adsense Ads, your webmaster account and everything Google. You are also advised to block Moz and Ahrefs in your .htacess. Seems like a bad joke, but they argue that Google is using our own traffic data to plot evil schemes to load their pockets."

I'm skeptical, personally. And like samwest, I think it sounds a bit like a bad joke. But then again - it's worth testing any and all solutions, right? Who knows! As unlikely as it is, it could be true. That's just science, right?

Several users wrote in to say they'd be very curious to study any tests. But it's a difficult test to make. When you're so hooked up into the system, removing yourself comes with major initial drawbacks.

Anyway, it's a very heated debate right now and definitely worth reading. There are passionate people on both sides presenting their cases - that can only be a win for everyone!