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As rumoured is a voice enabled IM client. It's live, but try as i might, it will NOT connect to the server...


Needs ports 80,443,5222

Needs ports 80,443,5222

Its not to bad

Been on while most of 3am GMT and its not to bad, haven't had the chance to try voice yet but the chat is clean and friendly, and it provides little popups for gmail as well.

I'm impressed they actually

I'm impressed they actually remembered that people use clients other than windows. Sadly, my chat client isn't on the list.

And, their contact form

And, their contact form doesn't work to tell them to add a new client. I get an error. (It is also the maps contact form..wonder what's up with that.)

Interesting..I just saw a

Interesting..I just saw a little message in my Yahoo account that said you could now use voice on Yahoo chat. Anyone know when that happened?


What is the advantage? Havent used ICQ since 1998, couldnt bring myself to have anything with AOL on it, don't know anyone on Y!, everyone I know uses MSN so use that. Why switch?


Is this why they needed a bandwidth boost or is it p2p?


It'll be interesting to see to what degree - if any - privacy concerns arise with using this service, especially in comparison to VoIP giants like Skype where it's not so much an issue.

Also worth noting the BBC report:

It is clear that Google is trying to build a cluster of programs that effectively turns the net into an operating system - just like Windows does for personal computers.

Seems like the mainstream media are catching up.


anyone know where one goes for help getting gaim to connect?

keep getting 405 not allowed

>everyone I know uses MSN so

>everyone I know uses MSN so use that. Why switch?

Well, everyone I know uses AOL/IM = Why switch?
No, I'm not an AOL user BUT try to stay away from anything put out by the Beast from Redmond

easter egg?

I just connected using GAIM

I just connected using GAIM for linux, very easy...

I was talking to a friend this morning though, and we concluded that GOOG are unlikely to gain a big share of the IM market with this product as it stands. It does nothing the others don't already do, and we're already using those aren't we?

He also said, and i'd take this as "informed" that they will likely by Tencent who own the QQ IM product with about 350M chinese users...

Lean and Clean

And it didn't try to reset my homepage, or add junk to my bookmarks. And for now, there are no ads. As I lost all of my contacts for previous messengers when I shot my PC, I think I'll use this one.

The install was almost too

The install was almost too smooth, thought something had gone wrong, no restart, no hiccups. Haven't had a chance to play around with it that much, but the gmail notifier is pretty neat.


>but the gmail notifier is pretty neat.

Yeah, I like that feature. And since I use web-based email exclusovely now, I know instantly when I get mail as I hated keeping clients open.

Yet another reason not to use MSN Messenger

Missing the Wow Factor I

Missing the Wow Factor

I think Dennis at Techdirt has a good point:

Google Talk is missing any sort of search, doesn't save conversation histories, and requires a GMail account (which is frustrating since that means your friend list is limited to friends with GMail and the 30 you invite). Sure, Google Talk supports the open Jabber standard; and while it is commendable that Google is making a stand here for interoperability, none of the "big three" widely used IM clients support Jabber, so it's really not that big of a deal.


It does save chat history. Why does an IM client need search? And MSN requires a Passport account. Not sure about all his points, seems like the adoption rate is the only real flaw at this point.

I didn't get flooded with crap ala ICQ although I couldn't add you to contact list because you don't have a Gmail account Nick.

I don't want creeping features, I'm sure I'm not alone. AIM makes me nuts, MSN drops in and out all the time and I can't stand ICQ. Google doesn't seem to like a cluttered interface, maybe they're on to something...

>>I couldn't add you to

>>I couldn't add you to contact list because you don't have a Gmail account Nick.

I do too! I just added you, though i dont see you online..

I'll sign up ...right after

I'll sign up ...right after Toolman does.


It's a push at getting more stickyness for their web services, and hence build loyalty towards their brand. Most of the things Google has done recently have that as a significant part of the equation: Toolbar, Gmail, My searches, Desktop search...

The idea about inviting 30 friends so that they can be on the GIM with you is a bit hypothetical though, as people tend to use the IM's they use because that's where their friends are.

It's harder to move people from such stuff than it is to move them from mail. Hey, but then nothing happens if you don't try, and MS have done it already with MSN (at least in the kids/teen segment), so it's not impossible.

Anyway, I find it interesting that it has built in talk. That means Google is now effectively a telco.

nice headline

Irish Times has it as "Google breaks new ground with free phone service" and plays it as Google entering the long distance market.

The web giant has launched a new service called Google Talk, which allows users to make free telephone calls to anywhere in the world via the internet...In effect it would mean overseas and long-distance calls could be made free, provided you have an internet connection. This should slash telephone costs to near zero, leaving only the internet service costs.

It's a bit ho-hum

No reason to use it really until everyone I know uses it instead. You can't seem to send files either? I just give it a big shrug right now. I will see if my IM client supports it.


wouldn't you love to have a company with branding so strong that with one minor release you could be credited with inventing VoIP?

look what the cat dragged in..

I was searching for something else, but I found out that I was actually expecting a Google Instant Messenger already in March: message #21

Just thought that was kind of funny *lol*

A way of summarising wmw posts would be great

In a few sentences or something.

I normally get it, but not always.

oh, that's easy

- it was just one line that had to do with this one, really:

Still, i suspect that we will see yet another beta, specifically a "Google Instant Messenger" in due time.

The thread was about Google hiring Marc Lukovsky from Microsoft, who had formerly been working with a number of interesting technologies not least in the "dot-net MyServices" area (the word "Hailstorm" may ring a bell somewhere). Because he also designed the WINNT kernel (I suppose not quite by himself, but nevermind) this fuelled rumours about the "Google OS" once again. I chose to interpret it another way - it's all about integrating different services across the web (that's the nice words for it, mind you).

For that to happen in a consumer focused context you need all kinds of "hooks" that you can put (in/on?) people. So you need "personal gadgets" like IM, email, my page, personalised search, picasa, blogs, maps, etc. It's all just means to get better "lock-in" => the more personal your relation to one specific service gets, the harder it will be to move - regardless of product quality and competition, that is.

You could call it "loyalty creation" or "stickyness" as well. It's whatever it takes to build a palisade around the search product, which is the main self-owned ad-selling vehicle, ie. the major fully controlled income source (also the greatest hole through which you pour out money, but that's another story)

I think that explains the world of Google (and most other internet conglomerates) in a few sentences.

By the way, here's a blog to watch

...if you're into IM products. She likes links, so let's give her one:

I'm Just The Messenger

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