Code to Text Ratios Have ZERO Impact on Your Rankings...But May be Indicative of Other Problems


John Mueller gave a direct and simple "No," to answer the question of whether code to text ratios are a ranking factor. Thank goodness, because it's one of the dumbest and longest-standing misconceptions about SEO imo. And it keeps cropping up everywhere! Probably, in part, because so many automated tools flag the code to text ratio as something that needs to be fixed. The SEM Post has an interesting article explaining the news.

What also interesting, though, is the point that article makes - that code to text ratios could be indicative of other problems, even if they influence your ranking. "Bloated code or unneeded third party calls...can impact a site's speed and if it is excessively slow, it can affect ranking - not to mention the overall user experience..." So, just because code to text doesn't directly impact your rankings doesn't mean you should ignore it completely!