Doctor Who, Red Dwarf go Mobile

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TV's Red Dwarf beams onto mobiles
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I've not seen ANY of the new Dr. Who's as our satellite isn't quite powerful enough to get BBC, but im a HUGE Red Dwarf fan, and on that basis alone i thought it worth pointing out that you can buy episodes for your mobile :)

Full episodes of cult TV sci-fi show Red Dwarf are being made available for fans to buy and watch on their mobile phone handsets.


The shows will be available on video chips designed for mobile phones.

This is the first time BBC Worldwide has licensed programmes for use on mobile phones, in a deal with technology firm Rok Player.

Dwayne Dibbly?!


Smoke me a kipper, I'll be

Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast...

oh noooooooooooo!

This phone is already a huge time sink...

Alert Level?

Is this notice to be considered a purple alert, or a brown alert?

Swirly thing alert! Swirly

Swirly thing alert! Swirly thing alert!

Heh, oh dear

I thought I had cured myself of my RD past but now I have ended up associating with more RD geeks :O)

Just looked up the old postings on google groups *shudder* how geeky was I! ;O)

Would be nice to have on long train journeys though

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