Penguin 4.0: Some Things Change, Some Things Stay The Same

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Penguin 4.0 has some features that are very new - but that doesn't mean everything has changed.

For example, Google says that disavow files should be created and used just like before. When it was announced that Penguin would be real-time and core, some webmasters interpreted this as meaning "Google will do all the disavowing for you," or "Once you get rid of your bad links, Google will pick up on it immediately." But that's not true: Google says "We haven't changed the disavow feature or our recommendations for it."

Here's another one: manual penalties associated with links will still be used, and will still come with notifications. Just like before Penguin 4.0, though, you won't get any notifications if you get hit by Penguin.

What else hasn't changed? Well, a lot of folks on WebmasterWorld say that Penguin 4.0 has been a quiet update. Those hit by Penguin aren't seeing huge gains; those who were worried about being hit by Penguin haven't been. User NickMNS writes that it's wrong to expect fewer shake-ups in the SERPs, but "...future shake ups, including to some extent the one we are currently in the midst of, will be limited to a relatively small subset of websites, in such a matter that it will be difficult to know for sure whether any changes experienced are the result of an algo change or just the result of normal turbulence."

In other words: Google is concentrating power and restricting information. Like a prize fighter honing his skills, Google is working to eliminate all "tells" from its moves. I can understand why, of course. It's going to be an interesting future.


It's always good  when any

It's always good  when any Google search enigne algorithms like panda and panguin updated.  The core reason i like it personally because it standard the SEO and restrict webmasters to do any spam in earning links.

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