Building Links - and Relationships


On WebmasterWorld, users are discussing the state of link building without PR. Plenty of newbie SEOs will tell you that you can just use Moz's DA and PA metrics instead - but they'd be wrong, of course, because even Moz doesn't recommend building links just on the strength of those two metrics.

Check out this thread and read to the end - a conversation develops about how building relationships with people will also build links over time. Ergophobe writes that "building relationships" doesn't mean "being passive and waiting for links to happen."

"Building relationships takes work and investment. Lots of it. It's not a 'publish and pray' strategy. It's more akin to traditional PR (and yes, we engage a PR firm to help with this). Sometimes it means putting together an event for journalists that might cost thousands of dollars and take many, many hours of staff time. And sometimes the outcomes aren't all that good. But sometimes journalists truly love what they see, become fans, and will link to us over and over across several years."

What do you think?