The Mobile-First Index Experiment Begins

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Google has already started testing the waters for its mobile-first index - what do we need to know?

Google is calling these first steps "an experiment." As you can see, SearchEngineLand says this is just the beginning. You can check out The SEM Post too, where they have a comprehensive list of everything tweeted, said, or otherwise about the mobile-first index.

Head on over to WebmasterWorld, where users are discussing what Google really means. For example, will a mobile-first web create sites with less content? chrisv1963 writes "I think you are in trouble when you have a separate mobile version with less content." Tangor writes "A transition period is sure to follow, causing some initial confusion, however the die has been cast...My only regret is that mobile pages/layouts are so cookie cutter that it will become increasingly difficult for webmasters to craft a unique look and feel for their offerings..."

Sounds like mobile still has a long way to come before it's as good as desktop. It's a whole different world, in a way. The web is going to be a different place in 10 years. Very different.


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