MovableType 3.2 Announced

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Movable Type 3.2 is here
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Earlier in the week we mentioned that the new MovableType 3.2 would have an unlimited weblogs license, even for free users. Well, MovableType 3.2 is now out, includes the enhanced license and of course a whole bunch of other goodies:

  • Vastly improved installation and upgrade
  • Unlimited blogs for all
  • Special $30 discount for Personal Edition
  • All your blogs in one place
  • The best community management
  • Find what you need
  • Smart new styles
  • A new generation of plugins
  • The best support In the business
  • Professional backing

As Niall mentions it's actually been nearly a full year since the last minor point release.


Shock! MovableType finally

Shock! MovableType finally includes trackback moderation by default, only a couple of years after it was first needed!!

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