Crazy Web Developers

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This is all I got when on a web site recently.

You appear to be using Netscape as your browser

Internet Explorer is recommended for viewing the ??????? site which can be downloaded here

If you would like to enter anyway then please click here

Noooooooooooooooooo I am using FF. You have just lost my business, i am off to find another supplier online.

I am not being an asshole am I? Well maybe I am but getting pissed at the above does surely not make me an asshole, other things might, but not this?


You know what angers me even more than that?

... Websites that say I can use Internet Explorer, Netscape, even Firefox, but that Opera is 'unsupported' so I should 'upgrade' to get the full browsing experience.

Yeah, whatever chief, my full browsing experience will simply not involve your ass-backwards website.

So you're not alone :)

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