AMP URLs Will Be Changing Soon

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AMP cache URLs have been showing up as coming from - but soon they'll be coming from instead.

As The SEM Post reports, this could be because hackers and scammers have been abusing those cache URLs to masquerade as Google in fake emails. There are other reasons Google gives, too, such as being "human-readable," and "closely resembling the publisher's own domain."

Makes sense! It also means that if you have AMP pages, you should start looking at your backlinks and making sure that you'll be able to keep your link juice long after the change has been made! Google has pledged to keep the juice flowing themselves for a while...but there's no way to know how long they'll keep that up.


oh boy

So what happens to your GA tracking?? how do you track sessions, if the data is going to another domain...I guess if there is universal tracking code you can but even  then, I wonder how that works with referral data? Good point on the link equity as well

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