DNJournal Hacked

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Looks like Domain Name Journal got hacked (it usually looks a bit like this) - not sure i get the hackers message though...

Hello Dear,

i have 16 years from iran,

Stop Report Domain Hijackers At DnForum.com

For more information : dnjournal2005@yahoo.com

or yahoo id: dnjournal2005

(if do not stopping reports domain hijackers , i will hack dnforum.com too)

Thanks (

Thanks Linkshark for the tip!


Check the source...meta

Check the source...

meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 5.0"

...a hacker using Frontpage 5.0, lovely choice...

From the voice of

From the voice of experience:
It is an excercise in misdirection. Putting that cryptic sounding message on the index page is only to draw attention to that and away from the real target.

Namepros is down now...

Namepros is now down. In private chats this person has indicated that he will bring down several sites because they are causing problems with sales of domains he has stolen.

DNForum and Domainstate are next on his list...


FrontPage is *not* an indication of someones skills.
>> www.oilman.ca > view source

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