Pinterest and PPC

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You've heard about buyable Pins, right? Now Pinterest wants to kick it up another notch with PPC. The members of WebmasterWorld are discussing Pinterest's latest PPC ambitions in this thread.

blend27 shared one of my first thougths: "They want to make MONEY on usage of my images now?"

Others say that even if Pinterest has a large volume of search (they claim 2 billion per month) their search functions and algorithms still suck. If it does suck (I'm not a huge Pinterest user myself) then they probably get all their searches because their images and site in general is hidden from users that aren't logged in. If you have to log in to look at the images, you probably will if you really want them - and if you're logged in, you're probably searching right on-site. Thoughts?


Not much going on Pinterest

I'm sceptical of PPC in general. Facebook ads are awful. Pinterest have been eclipsed by Instagram so its no wonder they trying to raise cash by further monetizing Pinterest. Don't waste you money unless of course you can prove that you have clientele on Pinterest. It's very niche.

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