The iPod Phone Cometh...

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Apple preps for iPod Phone
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Get ready for an announcement from Apple, Motorola and Cingular next week on the new iPod phone you've almost certainly heard rumoured over the last few months.

Today the news leaked, largely due to Apple announcement that Cingular, Motorola, and they were going to make a joint announcement next week that an iPod phone is coming. The product has been widely anticipated and should connect, much like the iPod does, exclusively with iTunes, have a very clean industrial design with an iPod look and feel, and the most closely watched component will be navigation. The iPod circle may not equate well to a phone and Apple’s approach will likely be seen as brilliant or a disaster, knowing Apple (this isn’t a mouse) I’m betting on brilliant.

I have this feeling, let's call it intuition (or guessing if you prefer) that this will not be the success most think it will be. Im not certain why, but it just doesn't do it for me you know?


Should be interesting

One thing apple can be counted on up to now is cool aesthetic and interface design ..

My intuition says...

... that these phones and services will eventually be given away in exchange for showing ads on cellphones and listening to sponsored songs and commercials. I would gladly give up my monthly bills in order to get free service....

I wouldnt

Its bad enough getting sales call now even though I am on preference service :O(

A phone that connects

A phone that connects through i-Tunes? I don't get it. Is Apple becoming a wireless service provider? Or is Apple just going to design what the phone looks like?

Yup mp3 not a new feature

I am more interested in Canon doing a phone than Applie TBH - I want a 8mp phone with 300mm telephoto ;O)

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