Why Has Google STILL Not Fixed Their Direct Answers?


Fake, weird, bizarre, and misleading information is still showing up in Google's direct answers and knowledge graphs. It's becoming increasingly clear to me that this isn't a process that can be automated like Google seems to think it can. We need some kind of human intervention in this process, because it's already WAY out of hand and it has been for years. SearchEngineLand has some new examples of how Google's direct answers are just bad. It's not Google's fault that the information is out there - that fault is with the websites that publish the info. But it is Google's fault that this awful trash is being pulled up into the direct answers box.

What's worse is that Google Home uses these direct answers to answer voice commands and questions. That technology is just developing and is already quite popular - if it grows more popular but the information it dispenses remains suspect...what's the point?

So what are the new examples of how direct answers are royally screwing it up? They're pulling information about former U.S. presidents being members of the KKK, they're saying that Obama is definitely planning a coup against President Trump, that all republicans are Nazis, and of course the old favorites - Obama is "king of America," and dinosaurs are a hoax.

Hopefully they'll announce a fix for all this soon enough.