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Aaron has announced that he will fight Traffic Power. Damn good show that man. There's a paypal form for donations here, let's bury the fuckers.

This suit is not about Traffic Power. This suit is not about this blog. This suit is more about free speech, which is the very fabric that holds the web and democracy together. An issue far more important than I could ever pretend to be.

If I do not face this suit, then it is easier for the next person to get trampled. After all the support people have offered I do not think it is the right decision to tuck tail and run, especially since I am still unaware of what specifically is wrong - and never once has there been an attempt to tell me.

The donate button above is copied off of aarons post - it goes straight to him for legal expenses incurred fighting internet scum - please give generously.



Glad to hear it's being fought. I've been worried about my own blog and my rights to speak out about the actions of everyone from Google to DevShed to other bloggers (not that I have any untoward feelings now, but in the future...).

I'll send some $$ your way if I can Aaron, but I'm busy donating heaps to Hurricane relief, too. Hopefully you'll still be accepting donations in a few weeks. I think this case is critically important and I'm both happy and relieved to see you're not caving.

If finances are tight or one

If finances are tight or one is not comfortable donating money, but you still want to see aaron nail this - what about promoting his seo ebook (a darn fine read btw), *without* an affiliate link.

seo ebook

Good idea Terry_SA

Good luck Aaron

Best to Aaron, fuck those TP

Best to Aaron, fuck those TP bitches


Just sent $150.

me too

Yeah, count me in for some as well. I'm also redesinging my site shortly to make it more SEO focussed and I'll be promoting his book as a resource.

Good luck Aaron.

Aff networks should help

with the deep pockets of the larger aff networks, and the "alleged" damage that TP does to the SEO industry, it would be a very positive gesture to see some larger donations flow to Aaron...hint hint...

Well Worth the Cause

I just sent a contribution. Plus will add a link to his book.

Seen in the next edition of SEO Book

Aaron's latest link building tip:

Get sued!


I didn't dare mention that

;-] People might get crazy ideas...

Thread closed in favor of

Thread closed in favor of this one

Thanks everyone!

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