Google VoIP Options Explained

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What lies behind the Google chatter?
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The Times "Diary of a former teenaged millionaire" written by Benjamin Cohen investigates the various options available with VoIP, and is good background if you haven't quite got your brain round what is going on with VoIP. And just to show that its not just TW readers (don't know, maybe Mr Cohen is a reader here) that are cynical/sceptical about G and privacy, his final paragraph is

Perhaps, Google may add the bonus of free calls to any number in the world. If they did so, then their service would be unique.

However, it is likely to come at some cost to the consumer: their privacy. I can foresee Google using voice recognition technology to analyse their users' conversations and provide sponsored links that are relevant to the words and phrases just spoken. Thus Google Talk may be just another step towards world domination by Google.

The whole world is starting to get wary about G and privacy, and this is mainstream jouranism feeding/posioning the proletariats minds about G.