Snap eats a 2.2 billion loss, disclosing sharply slowing user growth


Is the party already ending before is started for snap? We don't know for sure but if the one major Facebook competitor in the US market can gain speed yet but investors are punishing the company for lighter than expected revenue  and that user growth is de-accerrating - ouch!  See the full article here.


The pressure is steadily escalating for the young company and facebook has not been cutting them any breaks....its old news that Facebook has been copying key app features. In fact, its so pervasive, that its even a meme

chart katie benner ends her article on an interesting note though, stating that Snap warned investors that it would not be an easy ride...leaving the question open, can snap innovate its way to user growth and greater "social share"? Are facebooks blatent copycat tactics from a position of strength or a sign weakness?