Notes from WebmasterWorld's Search Conference

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SERoundtable notes from WebmasterWorld's Search Conference
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Interesting reading about the WebmasterWorld conference going on now in Las Vegas.

This made my day (should make yours too Nick, since it's about your site ;) )

We then discussed, NickW's blog, Tim loves reading it. Tim finds ThreadWatch to be more of a forum then a blog, I see his point - but I disagree. We discussed giving a link on the left hand navigation of the Yahoo Search Blog site. I think it might happen in the near future.

Do something, it makes a short ripple - do something well, and the ripples will go on forever.


Thanks Jeremy!

I did catch that earlier today and had planned to post a link to Barry's write ups but busy busy busy heh!

If Any of you are at the Conference - Post Here!

You're linked now.

I just updated the Yahoo Search blog.

Ta very much guv...

thanks Jeremy, very decent of you :)

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